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Fralien NI 80 (By Coils Connection) - 0,26Ohm

Fralien NI 80 (By Coils Connection) - 0,26Ohm




This model is the perfect combination between the performance of a Framed Staple and the flavors of an Alien.
Fralien Coils bring together 3 different types of thread. They are composed 2 x 28 GA NI80 on each side with in between, 4 flat wires n80 from 0.4 - 0.1.
All these wires are surrounded by another NI80 alien wire in 1 x 38 GA on a inner diameter of 3mm, each coil has a value of + or - 0.26 ohm.
Resistors usable in medium to high power range, allowing a
excellent steam production.

The large heating surface of the Framed Staple will bring you a volume of consistent vapor and coating using the “Alien” technique will guarantee maximum capillarity and increased flavors.


Coils manufactured by "Coils Connection".

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