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Real Vanilla - 50ml (Limited Edition 20/80)

Real Vanilla - 50ml (Limited Edition 20/80)


Real Vanilla - Limited Edition is in 20/80


We have sublimated different types of vanilla and custard, all enhanced by a hint of brown sugar in order to offer you unparalleled pleasure!


Real vanilla has been recognized as one of the best custards in the world, we could have called it French's Goose, because it is finer, more subtle, but above all much less peppery ...


We have adapted a recipe in 20/80 for amateurs with a high level of vegetable glycerin. Thanks to a higher rate, Real vanilla is rounder, more delicious and a little more creamy.

Nicotine level: 0
Proportion: 20PG / 80VG
Available in 50ml

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